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Juicy Facts


This little fruit helps prevent cancer, heart disease, insomnia, Alzheimer's and ageing. So don't forget the cherry on top!

Grape Fruit

This tasty, juicy fruit strengthens the prostate gland, helps fight cholesterol and is beneficial to the heart. Yummy health!


Apart from its 'Musk'-y appeal, the musk melon helps prevent cancer, improves eyesight, strengthens the immune system, and keeps blood pressure and cholesterol under control.


This big fruit is good for colds, for digestion, and the bones and the stomach. But here's a bet you couldn't possibly stomach one entire pineapple!

Welcome to Fruits & Juices Shop

Orange Juice

A Fruity Twist of Fact

From plywood and timber to lip-smacking fruit juices, the journey was not an easy one for Harris and Salim. The duo made the momentous plunge into the fruit juice business, armed with nothing but enthusiasm and a 250 sq.ft shop on Greams Road offered by a friend. With absolutely no experience the young timber merchants were for the first time forced to face the real tangy challenge - handling perishable goods that will have to be bought off the crowded by-lanes of Parrys, hours before the city of Chennai woke-up. The beginning saw it all - oddly long hours, difficulty finding the right staff, unexpected setbacks to the founders' happy experiments with juicing. But what turned the Fruits & Juices shop into one of the most loved brands in Chennai is this enterprising pair's vision to make Chennaites Juice It Up every day!

A Juicy Tryst

The best juicers are one of a kind - never in their wildest dreams would the founders have believed that the best juicers are a rare find, but it was in their case. With their continued difficulty in finding the right staff in the beginning, the duo was faced with the greatest challenge of all - finding someone to run their joint and make juices. With no one to help, they started their first ever juicing session with a Sam's Pick Me Up for a customer who had walked in. Too much pepper ensured that the customer ran out after a gulp, albeit not without paying, but that did not deter the duo's decision to keep the juices flowing. From scrubbing the floor to buzzing tables at their joint, Harris and Salim did it all, and the rest as they say is definitely history.

Trademarked Perfection & 3 Million Glasses

Today most of Fruits & Juices line of fresh juices has been trademarked. With customers flocking the joints spread across the city it was but natural to add more juices and trademark the mouth-watering juices on offer. With a good mix of patrons making a beeline for their juices, the brand was on a roll. By 2009, Fruits & Juices on Greams Road was selling over 3 million glasses of pure, original juices every year to its discerning patrons across 13 outlets and campus counters. Its first international outlet was also opened in Dubai in the same year.

Accolades Extraordinaire

From being acknowledged as the 8th most recognized long brand name in India, to a worthy mention in the iconic Lonely Planet Travelogue, Fruits & Juices on Greams Road has seen it all. And Ford India rating the brand as the second most recognised location in Chennai was just the juicy recognition the brand needed! News articles about the brand have appeared in some of the most prominent newspapers and periodicals like the Indian Express, The Hindu, Outlook, India Today. And this has ensured that brand Fruits & Juices left its juicy footprints across Chennai like never before.